Necklaces in St. Petersburg Florida

Necklaces in St. Petersburg, Florida: From Daytime Casual to Nightlife Chic

Some cities are known for giving off relaxed, easygoing vibes while others are celebrated for their fast-paced atmosphere with a different option around every corner. St. Petersburg happens to be one of those rare areas offering both aspects. In a city like this, having a few classic items in your wardrobe can help keep you dressed for any occasion. Among these are the infamous little black dress, a pair of wedges able to blend well with skinny jeans and dresses alike, and classic diamond stud earrings. As far as necklaces in St. Petersburg, Florida, you can’t go wrong with a simple diamond pendant. Of course, much like the city itself, the possibilities in this realm are endless.

Make a Local Statement With Necklaces in St. Petersburg Florida

Being a coastal city with a long-standing history, St. Pete could be considered synonymous with modern boating jaunts as well as navigational memorabilia of the days of old. Locals hoping to pay homage to the city’s diversity may want to consider the famed Compass Rose. Necklaces in St. Petersburg, Florida, bearing this symbol dating back to the 1300’s are available in a vast array of designs ranging from dainty and understated to far more bold options. Our exclusive Sundial pendants often cater to a more rustic style, representing the Sunshine City’s symbolic relationship to the sundial.

Stunning Conversation Pieces

Pearls hold time-honored beauty and tend to mesh well with virtually any type of outfit, but certain variations stand out considerably in a sea of commonality. Where typical varieties begin as a grain of sand, the rare Galatea pearl is created over a foundation of amethyst, citirine, turquoise or synthetic red coral. These stones are cultured, harvested and carved by hand, leaving the pearl surface visible while also revealing hints of the gemstone within. They are then placed in a selection of unique pendants, creating artful women’s necklaces in St. Petersburg, Florida, easily transitioned from daytime casual to an evening at the museum and beyond.

Masculine Favorites

A range of men’s necklaces in St. Petersburg, Florida, is also available, covering classic favorites as well as modern variations. Atocha coin necklaces are reminiscent of ancient pirate lore and legends of sunken treasure while those fashioned from stingray leather bring to mind deep sea fishing expeditions for which the area is well known. Uncommon black Tahitian pearl pendants aren’t only for the ladies, as those bearing sharks and other hand-carved depictions bring an element of masculinity to the mix in the Galatea collection. Countless ornately embellished versions of the medieval cross are offered along with jeweled and refined takes on the standard dog tag, all from the Scott Kay collection.

St. Petersburg holds a bounty of artwork, boutiques, history, fine dining, thrilling nightlife, muted lounges and numerous other opportunities. Having the perfect jewelry on hand can truly accent outfits for any plans imaginable. When shopping for necklaces in St. Petersburg, Florida, with versatility in mind or looking for a sensational set for one of the area’s unrivaled gala events, visit us at your Diamonds Direct jewelry store. Regardless of age, gender, occasion or personal style, the perfect piece awaits.

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