Show Her How Much She Means to You With Unique Simon G Jewelry in Florida

Diamonds Direct Offers The Latest Simon G Jewelry in Florida

Simon G Jewelry in Florida from Diamonds Direct is renowned for his extraordinary use of diamonds in his jewelry collections. Romance and sophistication inspire these elegant engagement rings, bands, signature pieces, and exquisite custom jewelry. Explore Simon G’s collections to find that unique piece that will be treasured forever.

Natural Diamonds: Magical and Transformative

Natural diamonds have always had a unique appeal. They can transform a simple piece of jewelry into a spectacular showpiece. Diamonds transform a simple outfit into an ensemble that will stand out at any occasion. Perhaps most significantly, diamonds are the symbol used when love is transformed into a lifelong commitment.

Perhaps this occurs because diamonds were themselves transformed from simple carbon-containing minerals into the spectacular gem that everyone loves. It took millions of years but, eventually, the magic was complete. The diamonds waited to be discovered, cut, added to beautiful pieces of jewelry, and treasured. Diamonds are hard enough to be worn and loved every day.

Classic Romance Collection

Engagement rings and wedding jewelry are the focus of the Classic Romance collection, but fashion rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets are also included. These unique, contemporary pieces work equally well at once-in-a-lifetime events or for everyday wear.

If you love the look created by the combination of two-tone or even three-tone gold colors, this collection includes what you’ve been searching for. Many diamonds are featured on these signature pieces and are suitable for evening wear, the office, or running errands. Wherever life takes you, this stunning jewelry is the perfect accompaniment.

Nocturnal Sophistication Collection

Princess cut diamonds set with the patented Simon Set technique are the showpiece in the Nocturnal Sophistication Collection. These elegant pieces are perfect for classic princess cut diamond engagement rings. This timeless style never goes out of date and will be treasured and loved for a lifetime. Almost all of Simon G’s jewelry can be customized, so if the absolutely perfect ring cannot be found, a one-of-a-kind band can be created for a ring that only she proudly wears.

Vintage Explorer Collection

Whether you love diamonds or are searching for a piece that combines diamonds and other gemstones, the Vintage Explorer Collection has the jewelry you’ll love forever. The unique high-end pieces in this collection include engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. These pieces are influenced by designs from earlier times, featuring engraving, filigree, and a wealth of extraordinary details. She will not find a piece matching hers in every jewelry store she walks by. Instead, this jewelry makes a statement that she only wears the best.

Simon G’s Story

Simon Ghanimian was taught at an early age the values of hard work and that those who could create something with their own two hands would never go hungry. When Simon arrived in America, he had only $200 in his pocket. Although he had dreamed of becoming an engineer, he quickly discovered that he couldn’t afford the many thousands of dollars that college would require.

A relative working in the diamond district of New York offered Simon a job. Although his original plan was to save money for tuition, making jewelry quickly became his passion. Soon, he was going door to door selling his own designs.

A vacation in southern California changed his life. He fell in love with both Silvia, his wife, and the region. His new jewelry business became “Simon G” when a clerk at City Hall told him that “Simon Ghanimian” was too long.

Today, Simon G still finds his greatest thrill in sketching out an original idea and creating a new piece. He considers the whole process almost magical and as new today as it was with the first piece he designed.

Diamonds Direct is Proud to Bring Simon G Jewelry to Florida Simon G Jewelry in Florida

Diamonds Direct, located in St. Petersburg, is proud to showcase Simon G jewelry in Florida. He is very particular in his choice of jewelers who sell his unique pieces, so we are pleased to make his collections available to Floridians. View the stunning pieces in all of Simon G’s collections, including the Passion Collection, the Garden Collection, the Mosaic Collection, the Delicate Collection, and the Caviar Collection in addition to the collections mentioned above.