Scott Kay Jewelry

Falling in Love with Scott Kay Jewelry in Florida

Diamonds Direct remains the premier destination for individuals looking to purchase Scott Kay Jewelry in FL. Diamonds Direct recently opened a new location to serve more clients in the area and continues to provide the jewelry pieces shoppers most want and need, including items by Versace, Burberry, Pandora and more. Thanks to our helpful staff and the high-tech tools offered at this location, every consumer can find or design a piece they love and wish to show off to others. Anyone in need of jewelry should look no further than Diamonds Direct, a Scott Kay Jeweler in FL.

Scott Kay designs each piece with the consumer in mind, one who refuses to accept anything less than the highest quality. Mr. Kay is fueled by his curiosity and looks for what doesn’t exist. He then uses his designs to convey this to others, as he wants the person wearing the jewelry to feel adventurous or sexy, depending on what they wish to express with the piece. He offers a number of collections to achieve this goal, including the Luminaire, Faith, Radiance and Tiara lines. Scott Kay Engagement Rings include the classic diamond, filigree, halo, and crown setting styles. In addition, he offers a line of complementary wedding rings.

Kay has been credited with the platinum resurgence in America and his bridal rings continue to be the best sold in the nation. In addition, his line of hand-forged sterling silver designs is the largest in the world, and these are only two of the many materials he works with, as consumers may choose pieces made using wood, skins, beads, and accent stones. Many individuals fall in love with his cobalt wedding rings which are known for their masculinity, strength, and personal style. Men wish to have a symbol of their commitment to their spouse and this line of rings is perfect for this purpose.

Scott Kay Sculptural Inspirations line also continues to grow in popularity. Mr. Kay uses the cross to inspire others and remain them of what it represents and reflects, as one needs to protect the cross to protect those who worship it, its meaning, and the sacrifice it symbolizes. The Guardian Bracelet is another piece in this jewelry line, representing honor and passion, and is designed to show others the wearer is committed to never letting go. Heaven’s Gate is an engagement ring which shows the giver promises protection and eternal honor to the recipient. The guardian angels symbolize one’s feelings and vows, and these are only a few of the pieces found in this line.

Visit Diamonds Direct today to learn more about Scott Kay Engagement Rings and other jewelry offerings. St. Petersburg, Florida is quickly becoming recognized the world over as a highly-acclaimed destination, thanks to this trusted family jeweler and other high quality retailers. Diamonds Direct has been in business since 1984 and our company remains committed to providing service unlike that seen anywhere else. Gary Sanchez, CEO, and David Santos, junior partner, ensure this is the case. Stop by today to discover why so many consider Diamonds Direct, a St. Petersburg FL Scott Kay Jeweler, the only jewelry store one ever needs to visit.