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We are very passionate about quality jewelry and finding the best diamonds in the world. As a Louis Moinet Jeweler in Florida, we concentrate our efforts towards making sure that our clients are happy with our large selection of jewelry and finding the right piece of jewelry for any occasion.One of the many fashion brands you can find at Diamonds Direct is Louis Moinet Jewelry.

The History of Louis Moinet Jewelry 

Louis Moinet, who was born in 1768 in Bourges, was drawn to watchmaking from the time he was a student. He had the opportunity to spend most of his free time with a master watchmaker, so he was able to learn a lot about the process from a young age.

Louis Moinet was also extremely passionate about horology and traveled a lot in Switzerland where he met a lot of famous watchmakers. He was described as a “gifted artist” or as ““a specialist in transcendent horology”.

His talent and his passion for watchmaking made it possible for him to create some amazing timepieces for some of the most important figures at that time, such as Napoleon, Tsar Alexander I or George IV of England.

Louis Moinet, the master of inventions

Did you know that Louis Moinet is the one who invented the chronograph? He came up with this idea because he wanted to improve his astronomical observations. For that time, it was a huge invention because it had the advantage of being more accurate than any other time measurement tool.

Moinet was an extremely creative person. Some of his pocket watches have their components arranged, so that the gears are tied to the same pinion.

The passion for watches led him to writing a book

Louis Moinet spent 20 years writing “Traité d’Horlogerie”, a two-volume book in which he described some of the finest watchmaking techniques. It remains, to this day, a relevant book for this industry.

Some of the first of Moinet’s timepieces are now preserved in the biggest museums in the world, such as Louvre, Palace of Versailles or even The White House (even though it’s not a museum, it’s still the home of one of Moinet’s timepieces).

Buy Louis Moinet jeweler in FL Louis Moinet jeweler in Florida

Louis Moinet was truly one of the biggest watchmakers in the history. It’s not only about the watches he created, but about his brilliant mind, his passion, his creativity, inventiveness and all of the contributions and he made to horology. Because of these reasons, Diamonds Direct is proud to be a Louis Moinet Jeweler in Florida.

Today, the brand is located in Saint-Blaise, Switzerland, and is still alive thanks to Jean-Marie Schaller who is the founder and also the creative director.

The brand is now specialized in making high-end timepieces which are limited edition or unique pieces.

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