Important Tips from Elizabeth and James Jeweler in Florida


Diamonds Direct – An Elizabeth and James Jeweler in Florida

While there is no denying that many people love to own jewelry, not all of them consider taking care of them in the long run. Diamonds Direct, a Elizabeth and James jeweler in Florida understands that it can be difficult to do so, especially if you don’t have a lot of knowledge on the subject. Elizabeth and James jewelry features sensitive designs that require the utmost care. Many people love this brand because it looks so great and this is why they also need to take the time to ensure that the Elizabeth and James jewelry they buy stays clean and beautiful.

We here at Diamonds Direct care about such problems because we know how dreadful it can be to see that your jewelry no longer has the shine it had before. We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you with some useful tips on maintaining your Elizabeth and James jewelry:

Invest in a separate Jewelry case

A lot of people tend to just stick their jewelry in a single case. This is a trap many people who own jewelry fall into. The problem with storing all your jewelry in a single case is that they can actually get scratched if they are all lumped together.

We also know that some people believe it’s better to just avoid putting their jewelry in cases. Letting it sit out in the open will just result in it being covered by too much dust. Also, the humidity in a room can damage your jewelry. By placing them in individual cases, you will avoid dealing with this altogether.

Avoid wearing Elizabeth and James jewelry when you perform strenuous activities

This is just an overall smart idea. If you plan on working out or cleaning your entire home, then wearing jewelry is in no way recommended. This is one of the first things we tell our clients when they are shopping with us at Diamonds Direct. This is because we want you to enjoy the jewelry you buy from us for years to come.

Clean your jewelry often

This is a tip that comes directly from our owner, Gary Sanchez. He advises you to use a very soft cloth to clean and dry your jewelry before putting it on. This way, you will ensure that it won’t get scratched at all. Moreover, doing this every time you want to wear your jewelry will ensure that it will always look bright and retain that aura of being brand new.

After all, what better way to impress your social peers than by donning on jewelry that always looks expensive and new?

elizabethKeep your Elizabeth and James jewelry away from harmful substances

As an experienced Elizabeth and James jeweler in Florida,it is important that you are aware that the jewelry can be damaged by substances and chemicals you might not even suspect. For instance, perfume or detergents can cause them to rust. Other things you need to watch out for include tinctures, sprays, soaps and lemon juice.

As long as you make sure your jewelry does not come into contact with any of the previously mentioned substances, then everything will be alright.

Looking for more than simple tips?

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