Charles Krypell Jewelry in Florida

Finding Charles Krypell Jewelry in Florida Has Never Been Easier

Here at Diamonds Direct, we have earned a reputation for excellence in Florida as we are a company known for rejecting 99 percent of the diamonds we inspect, finding only one percent to be adequate for our needs. We recognize that not everyone wants a diamond, however, and we have expanded to offer many other items, such as Pandora charms and bracelets, Burberry pieces, and Charles Krypell Jewelry in Florida. Individuals visiting our store discover finding the perfect piece has never been easier, thanks to the variety offered and our friendly, helpful staff. Anyone in the St. Petersburg area should be sure to check us out.

Charles Krypell started as a sculptor before turning his focus to jewelry and this is evident in the pieces he designs. They are easily distinguished by their perfect balance and exquisite nature, as the different elements flow seamlessly. His goal with each piece is to create a work of art that is meant to be worn—one that can be enjoyed from multiple dimensions and approaches. When a consumer visits a St. Petersburg FL Charles Krypell Jeweler, they see that details on the various pieces encompass all sides to ensure proper movement, flow, and balance. Krypell designs for the collector rather than the consumer, and this shows in every piece of his collection.

When a consumer who has purchased a piece from this collection in the past visits a Charles Krypell Jeweler in FL to see the latest offerings, the first thing that will be noticed is the seamless transition between pieces created 20 or 30 years ago and those created today. A person easily recognizes certain elements in Charles Krypell Rings and necklaces, such as the exquisite three-dimensionality, the sensual designs, and the concepts of human desire and romance. Each piece should touch a part deep within the wearer’s heart, as anything less isn’t acceptable.

Collections shoppers find in the Charles Krypell line include Precious Pastels, Sweethearts, the Krypell Baguette Collections, Gold and more. When a person thinks of Charles Krypell Necklaces, the first one to come to mind is likely the reversible pendant found in the Pastel Collection. The colors appear both backward and forward, allowing the pendant to present two looks at once. One side contains encrusted diamonds, and the other features diamonds and peridot. This necklace demonstrates the versatility of the line, and individuals find it easy to mix and match coordinating pieces, becoming collectors of his jewelry in the process.

Visitors to our Diamonds Direct St. Petersburg store can see a wide range of Charles Krypell pieces. In addition, guests can learn more about the Sunshine diamond cut or check out the St. Petersburg Hook Bracelet, a captivating piece. Our staff members are more than happy to assist visitors in finding the perfect piece for their needs. While at the store, visitors may also wish to design a piece of jewelry, making use of our Space Pro CAD System, where they can see the piece created using the 3D grower. Our store is the premier destination for those wishing to purchase jewelry in and around St. Petersburg, and anyone in the area should be sure to check our new location out today.