Find The Most Beautiful Rings In Florida At Diamonds Direct

The exchange of wedding rings is a very ancient tradition. Almost 5,000 years ago, Egyptian lovers exchanged rings as they wed. People made rings from the best materials that they could afford, but only the very wealthy were able to exchange gold rings. Today’s lovers are more fortunate; Diamonds Direct in St. Petersburg, FL, has an amazing selection of Rings in Florida.

Wedding Rings in Florida – Symbols of Eternal Love

The ancient Egyptians chose to exchange rings during their weddings because the circle symbolized eternity. That holds true today. Wedding rings can range from a simple gold band to a ring with that special, flawless diamond she will treasure forever. Any ring, whether plain or fabulous, can become even more significant with an engraved phrase of special meaning to the two of you. For wedding rings in Florida, specifically, comfort is important. In Florida, summer lasts all year long, so when we’re outside in the heat and humidity, our fingers tend to swell up. Our team at Diamonds Direct will always make sure your ring is comfortable for your Floridian lifestyle.

Engagement Rings in Florida – A Declaration of Intent and Love

When looking for a reputable jeweler in Florida to entrust with the task of guiding you to the right the ring, choose Diamonds Direct in sunny St. Pete. An engagement ring is a 24/7 pledge of love and the intent to marry. The diamond is by far the most popular choice for an engagement ring, but it is not the only possibility. One reason that diamonds work so well for engagement rings is their hardness. They can stand up to the rigors of being worn 24/7. No other gem is as hard as a diamond, but sapphires and rubies are also very durable.

Whether you are searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring or would like a custom ring, we are happy to help. Let us know your budget and we’ll work with you to get the best possible ring for that special someone.

Men’s Rings in Florida- Signature Statements

Men wear rings to make a statement. Signet rings were used to authenticate and seal letters. Superbowl rings are proudly worn as symbols of the ultimate success in the sport. When considering the purchase of rings for men, first decide whether or not the ring is intended to be worn daily.

Gold still reigns as the most popular metal for men’s rings, but we offer styles in silver and serinium. Of course, we have a wide array of designer rings from brands like Noam Carver, Scott Kay, Crown Ring, Carlex, and our own bespoke DD Collection. A splendid ring that celebrates his birthday with the appropriate gemstone could be an excellent choice.

Women’s Rings – An Infinity of Choices

Rings can either be symbols of love to be worn every day or a quirky designer ring chosen to complement an outfit or a mood. So, it’s hard to go wrong when buying rings for women. rings in florida

A beautiful cocktail ring is always an appropriate choice; white diamonds or black diamonds are stylish and go with everything. Colored gemstones are available in all price ranges. Red, for example, is found in rubies, tourmalines, garnets and others. Green gems include emeralds, of course, but also peridot, tourmaline, alexandrite, and jade. A gemstone can represent her in a very personal way. Aquamarines represent youth, hope and fidelity, rubies stand for love, passion and courage while emeralds symbolize love and rebirth. Birthstones are also traditionally displayed in rings. Mothers and grandmothers treasure traditional “Mother’s Rings” with a birthstone for each of their little ones.

Whatever type of ring you’re searching for, you will find it at Diamonds Direct, located at the Sundial Plaza in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. The quality, variety, and prices will amaze you. You’ll be glad you decided to visit our store.