Which Types of Necklaces in Florida Are Right for You?

Adding a piece of jewelry can really make a difference when it comes to your outfit, especially if we’re talking about necklaces. Before shopping for necklaces in Florida, it’s best to know what types of jewelry you can choose from, so you will be able to figure out what you’d prefer to wear and when you’d like to wear it. Because Diamonds Direct cares about your needs, we came up with this short guide to help you decide which type of necklace is best.

After all, you can’t just go with the first necklace you see. You should look at several options in order to be sure that you’ve found the best one for you. Diamonds Direct can help you out.

Which Types of Necklaces in Florida Best Suit Your Needs?

Choker Necklaces

They might have a pretty intimidating name, but they are actually quite sought-after. Most people enjoy their extremely flexible design and beautiful appearance. They might look simple at first, but once you combine them with a low-cut dress or blouse, they’ll really start grabbing everyone’s attention. Choker necklaces are typically 16″ long.
We highly recommend going with this type of necklace if you’re looking for something that suits a wide variety of looks. They can be worn for almost any event or activity without requiring you to wear formal attire.

Pendant Chain Necklaces

These necklaces are typically 18″ long–the ideal length for a versatile necklace. You can wear them with all sorts of clothing. For example, if you go with a low-cut outfit, this necklace will put emphasis on your neck, significantly improving its beauty. These necklaces are best with collared outfits, in order to give off an air of elegance. The reason why they work so well with collared necklines is because 18″ chains typically fall in just the right place of balance with your collar. They will draw attention to the symmetry of the neckline without falling too low (and hiding under your clothes) or falling too high (and clashing with where the collar folds).

Collar Necklaces

Contrary to the former necklace described, collar necklaces are perfect for dress and tops without a collar. They, like choker necklaces, are typically 16″, but are wider than chokers. Collar necklaces achieve the wider look by adding more design and metal to the necklace. They great statement pieces. If you are looking for something to wear to a formal event, then you can’t go wrong with collar necklaces. They work best with any type of dress that leaves your shoulders and neck bare, as their design causes them to sit prominently over your neck. Your outfit will radiate elegance and cause heads to turn.

Graduated Necklaces

They are named this way because the stones on the necklace are arranged from smallest to largest, from the back to the front. What makes them so desirable is their extremely pleasing design, which looks great with pretty much any type of clothing. It’s a slimming look, as you can see from the diamond necklace shown here. It’s a timeless design used with everything from diamonds to pearls.

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Find the Best Necklaces and More

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