Shopping for Bracelets in Florida For Your Wife or Girlfriend


People not only love buying jewelry for themselves, but also enjoy receiving it, especially when it comes from someone that they care a lot about.

We know that buying jewelry for her can be quite challenging for you and we’re here to help. Bracelets are typically an appropriate gift since rings are reserved for romantic gestures. In fact, we’re one of the best stores to shop for bracelets in Florida because we have a team of fashion stylists ready to help you find the perfect accessory for her. For over 30 years, Diamonds Direct has been dedicated to bringing the world’s major fashion brands to Tampa Bay. Our experts select every collection with you in mind.

Tips on Shopping For Bracelets in Florida for Your Wife or Girlfriend

Even if it’s not a special occasion, surprising your girlfriend with a piece of jewelry that you’ve carefully selected is going to make her feel appreciated and loved. Here are some tips that will help you to make a great decision when shopping for bracelets in Florida:


We assume you know where she keeps her jewelry collection, but you can also pay attention to what she’s wearing on a daily basis. Take a peek to see if she’s into stones or not. That way, you’ll know whether or not to eliminate them from your list. If you want to get her something special, you can get her a diamond bracelet. The diamonds we bring to our store have been carefully hand-picked directly from the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp, Belgium.

Gold or silver?

This is extremely important. By looking at the bracelets that she wears most often, you’ll be able to figure out if she’s into gold or silver. Or maybe she likes both, and you won’t be limited to one or the other.

Large or small pieces?

There are so many types of jewelry out there, especially when we’re talking about bangles. Some women like smaller, more subtle pieces for casual wear, while others like to wear statement jewelry every day, rather than just at parties. What she wears the most is what she’ll like.

The size of her wrists

This is important as well because you don’t want to buy bracelets that will fall off her hands as soon as she tries them on. You can buy a looser bracelet if she has a smaller wrist, but it has to be one that she can adjust.

Observe her style and the colors she wearsbracelets in Florida

OK, you may not be able to discern much based on what she’s wearing, but you could share this information with us – we’ll know what kind of bracelets would fit her best. We’ll be able to show you a few different options at our jewelry store based on the information you provide and together we will find the perfect bracelet for her.


Keep your ears open for subtle hints towards what kind of gifts she would like to receive. So next time your girlfriend says something about a bracelet she sees, even though she might not seem overly excited about it, it can be a hint for you. Alternatively, she might have said something to one of her friends. You can ask them as well.

Come visit Diamonds Direct to discover the biggest variety of bracelets in Florida 

Now that you’re armed with enough information to start making a decision on what type of bracelet to buy for your significant other, stop by Diamonds Direct so that our staff can help you to finalize your choice.

Diamonds Direct is not your regular jewelry store. It’s a 3,000 square foot experience where your wife or girlfriend will even be able to design the jewelry of her choice. Come visit us at 117 2nd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 or give us a call at 727-867-4006.

Shopping for bracelets in Florida has never been easier!