FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Diamonds Direct FAQ

How do I insure my purchase?

  • You can insure your purchase with your current insurance company, if the company covers jewelry. If you feel that you need a company with a dedicated focus on insuring jewelry items, please contact us at (727) 867-4006 for insurance company recommendations. You can use your receipt for informational purposes when it comes to insuring your purchase. Most receipts have a photograph of the item purchased. If not supplied on the receipt, it will be supplied with an appraisal. Click here to review our purchase polices.

Can I finance my purchase?

  • Financing options are available. Call us at (727) 867-4006 for details on current financing promotions and offers.

What do I do when my plated fashion jewelry tarnishes?

  • To avoid tarnishing, check our product care suggestions. If a piece purchased at Diamonds Direct is rapidly tarnishing despite storage/polishing preventative methods, bring it to us for a free assessment.

Are you a chain store?

  • No, we are not a chain. We are family and locally owned and operated. We’ve been serving the Tampa Bay Area for over 30 years. Learn more about the Diamonds Direct family here.
  • Do you have a design in mind that you cannot find anywhere? Are you ready to bring it to life?
  • How about that piece of jewelry that is sitting in your jewelry box? The one you no longer wear? Why not make it into something new?
  • Perhaps it is time to recycle that old gold you have sitting in your jewelry box. You can use it to make a custom designed piece to add to your jewelry portfolio.
  • Through our state of the art CAD/CAM, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing system, as well as our Gem Vision program, we can create that custom piece, or alter a piece just for you. You can even watch a mold of your design come to life with our showroom’s 3D printer.
  • You will be involved in each step of the process. The design and manufacturing will be done right here at Diamonds Direct keeping costs down and your happiness top priority.
  • Make an appointment today and together we can create the piece of your dreams!