Custom Designs

Diamond Lounge Wall Close Up

Do you have a design in mind that you cannot find anywhere? Are you ready to bring it to life?

How about that piece of jewelry that is sitting in your jewelry box? The one you no longer wear? Why not make it into something new?

Perhaps it is time to recycle that old gold you have sitting in your jewelry box. You can use it to make a custom designed piece to add to your jewelry portfolio.

Through our state of the art CAD/CAM, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing system, as well as our Gem Vision program, we can create that custom piece, or alter a piece just for you. You can even watch a mold of your design come to life with our showroom’s 3D printer.

You will be involved in each step of the process. The design and manufacturing will be done right here at Diamonds Direct keeping costs down and your happiness top priority.

Make an appointment today and together we can create the piece of your dreams!